Supernova FC
Mississauga, Ontario

Our Philosophy

Supernova F.C. believes in reaching for the stars. We believe that every player has something special and unique to offer the game of soccer. The Supernova staff is passionate about helping these young athletes develop and realize their highest potential. We love to support our local youth grow as athletes, but also and most importantly, as individuals.

Supernova F.C. is committed to providing our athletes with all the best knowledge and necessary tools needed to succeed in soccer, and life. The Supernova staff is always mindful and dedicated to each athlete's specific needs. In doing so, Supernova F.C. establishes a pleasant and respectful learning environment in order for our athletes to feel safe, comfortable and capable of prospering.

Above all, Supernova F.C. believes in creating everlasting friendships. At our academy, we treat and care for our athletes as a member of our own family. Supernova F.C. will always be a second home away from home for many of our previous academy members. We care so much about the success and well-being of our local youth; the Supernova staff is devoted to providing the best soccer-life experience and future for our athletes.

Head over to the Coaches tab to learn more about our staff!
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