Supernova FC
Mississauga, Ontario



College Bound Student Athletes

#22 Jordan Melo
Supernova FC Black 1998
2015/16 Co-Captain and Center Back

Jordan will be flying south to play University soccer this August 2016.  Determined to play at the next level, Jordan worked very hard to get recognized by American College Coaches.  A recipient of multiple scholarships and was formally identified by many other College Coaches Jordan has succeeded!

Jordan went through the process of formal visits and finally decided to accept the school that was best suited for him.  Now he is diligently working harder then every to meet his new and awaiting challenges.   "Proving his talent on the University stage."

We your Supernova Family are all very proud of you Jordan!.

#6 Owen Carter
Supernova FC Black 1998
2015/16 Co-Captain and Holding Midfielder

Just across the Niagara Falls border is where Owen will spend his next four years at University playing the game he loves.  Owen is a multiple scholarship recipient that felt right at home with his New York West University.  A long road was traveled but Owen never looked back.  His determination and drive kept wanting more and more thoughout his training and development.

Supernova FC Blue you will always remain!

#11 Ricardo Lawrence
Supernova FC Black 1998
2015/16 Winger

Ricardo has grown 10 folds as a player and as a person this past year and half.   Ricardo's speed and want of the game was evedent when showcasing his talents.  Turining many college coaches heads, Ricardo finally secured his scholarship to go state side.  As he prepares for his Freshman year, we know he will take on his new challenges invitingly with a brand new hunger.

Remember your second family Ricardo!   Supernova FC!

#30 Sergio Sereeira
Supernova FC Black 1998
2015/16 Outside Back

Sergio shines in his level of determination and will.  It was evident through his showcasing that he was going College Bound.   Growing as a player was no luck.   The flame within Sergio to play the game never dimmed but grew with every opportunity to train and play the game he loves.  The next four years playing the game he loves is a dream come true.

Well deserved!  Your Supernova FC family will be watching you.

#33 Joshua Tuffino
Supernova FC Black 1998
2015/16 Midfielder

Joshua always believed in his coaches and followed their directions.   He did not make bad decisions with his Supernova FC coaches and family.   The dream did materialize and we are sure you are humle for your success.   Joshua will use his skills this fall to earn his time on the field as a Freshman.  There was no doubt that many College Coaches enjoyed waching his style of play.  Joashua will be in good hands with a classy coach at a wonderful University.

Enjoy your dream Joshua and keep your Supernova FC family proud! 

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